Mr. Wiggles Phytobiotics – Phytobloom

Mr. Wiggles realizes that many gardeners already have a bloom nutrient they are familiar with and love, but no matter which product line you use, this tea will compliment and supplement your existing methods. When you need to stand out in the crowd, Phytobloom responds. It has all the available bio sugars and the right combination of nutrients to blow up your blooms. Bigger yielding tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, roses, and any and all flowering plants will explode with color, odor, and texture unlike your previous results. Test the brix levels ladies and gents, this tea brings forth the sweetest and most juicy fruits and flowers, just like you want them.

* Warning: Proper use of these products has been known to increase quality and yield to the point that extra packaging materials (bags) may be required. (extra bags not included)

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