Mr. Wiggles Phytobiotics – Enhance

This is our staple traditional compost tea inoculation treatment and late flowering flush. It is the perfect option for growers who wish to mainly use their existing favorite hydroponics or organic nutrient line, but still gain the benefits of using compost teas. The active microbe and enzyme cultures will most definitely enhance your plants ability to use your valuable hydro nutrient solutions. You can run lower ppm than before, and yet see more benefits from your nutrients as if you had used higher ppm. Its *that* effecient. This tea will also reduce or eliminate any problems from powdery mildew and in general boost resistance to molds and fungus problems.

A true compost tea in that it is not nutrient based, but a purely phytobiotic enhancement formula. When used as a flush, it helps use up the leftover nutrient supply as quickly as possible in a natural way. Instead of saturating with complex sugar like molasses, it will rapidly convert the existing carbohydrates leftover from nutrient application, *into sugars*. This way your crop smells like the plant itself should, and not the nutrient residue. Mr. Wiggles does add a tiny amount of biologically available sugars and enzymes to give nature a boost. Start enhancing your existing method, and save money by using your nutrient more effeciently.

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