Mr. Wiggles Phytobiotics – Grow

Our growth tea has both an instantly available nitrogen, and a secondary quick time-release nitrogen supply that will give you sustained lush green color and shorter spacing on nodes to properly prepare for flowering. The health of your plants expanding shoots at this stage of growth is crucial to success in their upcoming flower production. Micronutrients and small amounts of magnesium and calcium also balance out this tea as an excellent solution for vegetative growth – the rates will amaze you! You will see color improvement within hours after proper use of this brew mix, and the benefits continue to show over a week from one application. this product works in conjunction with other growth based nutrients (in lower ppm amounts) or as a standalone product for a healthy vigorous growth period. Whichever way you choose to run it, your plants will take off from the combination of active microbes and our organic chelated nitrogen supply.