Brew Guide

Check out our brew guide!

Before you can start brewing there are a few supplies you need first.


Weco Brand Dechlor

takes 2 drops per gallon, and in 3 minutes, completely and safely removes chlorine
and chloramine from any water source. It is composed of basic salts such as magnesium, and is the best
water treatment for both plants and aquatic animals.

Step 1: Place the dry mix into a brew bag such as burlap or other screen filtered brewing sack.


Pour dry mix

Step 2: Submerge the brew into a bucket with chlorine free water. ( you may de chlorinate tape water if needed, we recommend using reverse osmosis water)

 brew bubbles

Step 3: Use a high output air pump (45L/min) attached to an air stone to oxygenate the water for 18 hours. Overnight brewing recommended.


Step 4: Use the tea when its fresh. The sooner you apply after brewing the more microbes (bacteria/fungi) make it safely into your plants root system.

 brewing done