Rows of soy plants in a fieldIntroducing Mr. Wiggles “Phytobiotic Formulas”

All three of our custom compost teas utilize *Cali-Castings* for the finest in microbiological enhancement. The very best aged organic compost is added to release additional active bacteria and enzymes. Then we mix the proper ratios of top quality organic nutrients into our dry mix products, which you then “brew” with a high output air pump (45L/min for fast release, 20L/min for slow release). It is ESSENTIAL that you brew the tea for a MINIMUM of 18 hours. It is equally essential, that you *apply* the teas as soon as possible after brewing in order to ensure the maximum amounts of beneficial cultures make it safely into your plants ecosystem (root zone). Once removed from the direct oxygen supplied by your air pump, the microbes will die within 24 hours. Use the teas within a few hours for premium inoculation. This is why we sell our products as dry mix, and you activate them with your airpump. and apply them fresh, so they actually work, whereas most liquid products of this type sitting on store shelves contain dead microbes.

Bacteria not only need oxygen supplied to thrive, they also need another living organism to attach onto, and coexist with, such as your plants root systems. during photosynthesis the plants will release energy (glucose) into the root zone, which will continue to feed the bacteria. Life feeding life. Symbiosis. Phytobiotics!


How are our products relevant to your gardening?cali-castings-bag

Cali-Castings worm castings and Mr. Wiggles compost teas are 100% organic, non-toxic, highly concentrated fertilizer that won’t burn your plants. They provide AMAZING organic insect control (see What is Chitinase?), fungus control, greatly increase the health of your roots, and greatly improve overall health of the plant in every way. Using the microbe organic sources found in our worm castings and compost teas you will achieve the most fresh tasting, best textured fruits and vegetables, and incredibly beautiful flowers. Your tomatoes will taste sweet as candy, even to folks who typically don’t much care for tomatoes. These products also offer greatly increased drought resistance for lawn care, and water conservation needs. (extremely cost effective in dilluted form) They can revitalize existing soils and attract beneficial life such as worm populations and lady bugs into your gardens. The beneficial bacteria and microbes found in our products bond a mutual relationship with your plants. During photosynthesis plants collect and store energy from the sun, and release it as glucose into in the root zone. The active bacteria cultures feed off that glucose to survive. In exchange, the bacteria aid in breaking nutrients down and transfer them to the plants. With higher beneficial bacteria counts in your growing medium nutrients are absorbed more rapidly and efficiently by the plants. This allows you to use lower amounts of, and get faster better results from, whatever nutrients you use.

It works like a pro-biotic for plants, or a “phytobiotic” solution, for rookies and advanced gardeners alike. Just like a probiotic helps us digest nutrients in our foods, phytobiotics do the same for plants. The beneficial bacteria and micro-organisms also ingest and/or destroy the harmful cultures which can lead to mold and mildew problems on your crop. Our castings and compost teas provide every micro-nutrient your plants need to survive, unlike many cheap, and toxic fertilizers. If you are seeking for your garden to be cutting edge with organic methods, and to raise the bar on your previous bests, or even if its your first attempt, our products will help you get that perfect result, even in low light environments. For example, Bay Area tomato lovers who cultivate “San Francisco Fog” variety, (because of cloudy summers) this is your ticket to the better growth rates, and larger fruit you desire.

What is Chitinase?


3d model of Chitinase Enzyme

Chitinases are hydrolytic enzymes that break down glycosidic bonds in chitin. Chitin, is a component of the cell walls of fungi and the exoskeletal elements of some animals. (including worms and arthropods) Chitinases are generally found in organisms that either need to reshape their own chitin or dissolve and digest the chitin of fungi or other animals. In more simplfied terms, the chitinase enzyme is able to dissolve the skeletal structure of predatory insects and destroy harmful fungus cultures. Cali-Castings and all Mr. Wiggles formulas hold extremely high concentrations of the chitinase enzyme, way past the levels required to enable your plants to sense its presence and begin to produce the enzyme inside themselves. Since chitin is the main element in the skeletal structure of predatory insects it is naturally not a desirable substance to them. Predator insects, simply *DO NOT* want to be anywhere near it! If the levels of the enzyme are below detection then it is not toxic to the bugs and they will not be repelled by it. However, if you increase the chitinase levels in your medium, to a high enough concentration, the plants begin to produce those same levels in their own nectar, and bugs are then repelled by the nectar of the plant rather than attracted to it. The bugs reaction to chitinase is similar to a humans reaction to sour milk. One drop of sour milk mixed into a glass of sweet milk and you will drink the glass with no negative reaction. However, mix in three tablespoons and no one has to convince you to not drink the milk.

Chitinase enzyme is completely safe around pets, and humans. The only things which are repelled by it, are the insects and harmful spores which could damage your plants. This is one of the best kept secrets of safe effective organic farming methods, now available to you!!